Installation At Air Conditioning Hub

We, at Air Conditioning Hub generally provide installation for three main types of air conditioning
systems including:
1. Single Split Systems
2. Multi Split Systems
3. Ducted Systems
The type of air conditioning best suited for you, depends on the type and size of the area covered under the system. If the area to be addressed is relatively small, like an office or a personal room, split air conditioning is the best option.
On the other hand, for commercial cooling purposes of large halls, office or auditoriums, etc. ducted cooling is more suitable.
The details on the installation of the above-mentioned systems are explained below.

Installation Services - Sydney Metros Only

Air Conditioning Hub offers the products and the installation services separately.

For installation services within Sydney metropolitan areas, please contact us for quotation and detailed information.
All installation will be taken care of by Air Conditioning Hub’s fully licensed technicians.

Our technicians are customer-focus, highly qualified and experienced in both commercial and residential HVAC.
Currently, we do not offer installation service outside of Sydney Metros.

Ducted System Installation

The ultimate way to manage comfort throughout your entire home

Ducted System Installation

Single Split System Installation​

Multi Split System Installation​

Commercial HVAC System Installation