Free Delivery Services

We provide a completely free delivery services to our customers in all the metropolitan regions of Australia, as well as some selected regional centers. We use Australian Post as the delivery partner for small appliances and parts.

The service is also free but does not belong to next day delivery window. You can just by entering the zip code of your locality to know whether a free-delivery or a next-day delivery options is accessible in your locality.

Day of Delivery:

As soon as you make the purchase, you can select a delivery day. It is not applicable on small appliances and small audio-video product, as they are delivered by Australian Post. We offer delivery from Monday to Friday in most of the areas of Australia, but in numerous major areas, we as well provide deliveries on Saturday which incurred an extra fee.

Next-day delivery

We provide this delivery option for free in many metropolitan regions of Australia, offered you to finish your order before the cut-off time of your state. In case your have made an offer on Saturday on Sunday, we have the option of delivering it at the earliest, but the schedule starts considering Monday as working day.

Time of delivery:

We generally delivery in business hours, but in some cases, it is in between 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM. Our delivery service partner will contact you and offers a 2-hour delivery window and notify your 30 mins before the actual delivery.

Just in case, you are among the  first deliveries for the day, you will get the call as they leave the warehouse and offers as much as delivery window as possible.

We often provide our clients a premium delivery option for an additional fee, in major cities, and with this they can select the 2-hour delivery window of their choice for the delivery day.