About - Air Conditioning Hub

Air Conditioning Hub is one of the leaders in the online air conditioning industry, through continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. We aspire to chase behind this dream with the support from our customers.

Help and Interaction with the customers:

As a company, Air Conditioning Hub loves interacting with our customers. This is because, we believe the only way to improve ourselves is paying heed to the customer itself. We are transparent to our customers and understand all the worries they might have when purchasing electronics online. We have an interactive website and helplines to help with any issue you may face. We provide a comprehensive system, wherein the customer can reach out for support when required.

Our Aim

  • If you are still reading this, you will surely have an idea of who we are and what we do. Still, we feel it is our duty to keep you informed about us.
  • We, don’t see ourselves as a company. Air Conditioning Hub is rather a group of like-minded professionals; whose only aim is to ensure your comfort through our wide range of air conditioners.
  • Air Conditioning Hub deals with all brands of quality air conditioners.
  • You heard it right, our main focus is on quality and quality alone.

Why us?

  • Now, let us answer the obvious question, Why us? It is because we can proudly say we a consumer-oriented company.
  • Our entire workforce is dedicated towards achieving customer satisfaction.
  • Purchases can be made online at your convenience. That doesn’t mean we leave you helpless, not knowing what to do after you shop with us.
  • Special care is undertaken by our staff to provide skilled technical experts to guide you throughout the initial installation.

Market Value

  • As stated previously, we may make compromises on the price, but not on our quality.
  • When you shop with Air Conditioning Hub, we cast a seal of trust with you. We only offer the best products from the best brands. Defects are normally unheard of. Manufacturers provide 5-year parts and labour warranty for all of our products.
  • Any issues with the products at delivery, please refer to our policy at Returns & Refunds Policy for information on the product and warranty and our return policy.