We have a customer service center in place which is open 24/7/365 a year to solve your any query. With this, we mean that even on Christmas Day, if you are facing any of the issue with your appliances, you can give us a call and speak with our representative.

We are very strict with some of the qualities when it comes to hire a service representative. The qualities are helpful nature, friendly and most importantly knowledgeable. Our representative really knows their stuffs and some of the experts at our service center for more than a decade or two.

We have a policy of going to any extent to offer service to our customers, which make us best in the industry. So, give us a call today and experience the best customer service of your life.

We believe in best value

As we do not have any of the shopfronts, we are able to channel all the savings to our customers.

This is what make us the best price guarantee all year around. Whenever and wherever possible we make all the efforts of matching the price and offer the best price in compare to our competitors. Let us know with the details, if you found the same product with lower price.

Experience Yourself

What qualities that make us unique is the fact that we have customized our business as per our customer want. We are completely focused in offering you with the help, information and advice that you want to search for a product that is as per your need and budgets.

We give attention to each piece of the customer feedback that we get and offer great assistance wherever required. You can read what people are searching about the appliances and see what our customers are saying about us and our services.